I’m in the mind-melting city of Beijing for a few weeks teaching at Gengdan Academy of Design, Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology. Huge thanks to the students and staff of the Academy, especially professor Yang Bo, whose help and hospitality is as unyielding and endless as the Great Wall.

As ever with these gigs, the best bits are meeting new friends and reuniting with old ones. It's a real pleasure to catch up with Anja Lutz from A-Z, the gallery of experimental graphic design in Berlin, with whom Inkahoots exhibited New Anthems back in 2019. Hanging in the hutongs and cherry blossoms with Anja, and new friends Kuki Iwanski, Gosia Pujszo, and Mir Ahad Mahmood, along with our Chinese hosts, is the perfect way to explore China's complex and contradictory culture – not that it's necessarily making any more sense...


Photos by Mir Ahad Mahmood, Anja Lutz, Kuki Iwanski & Jason Grant.