With fellow members of the Collective Futures Group, Inkahoots is presenting ’Fundamental Sounds’, a concert and visual performance celebrating sustainability on Sunday 2 December.

Fundamental Sounds will bring together a range of musicians and other performers to illustrate that cultural change is as much a part of the sustainability agenda as environmental technology.

Inkahoots will be collaborating with artist Keith Armstrong to create a moving image work for the event. Musicians include internationally acclaimed didgeridoo player William Barton and multi-ARIA award winning saxophonist Sandy Evans. Soundscapes by Ian Blake. Percussion by Jon Jones. Dance by Indonesian group Saman.

Tony Fry, Collective Futures Group member and event producer, says sustainability is fundamental to human survival yet is not portrayed in its true and wider sense.

“Sustainability gets presented as an issue relating to the environment or ecology when it is a much broader issue.

“How we live, communicate, relate and celebrate – all these human elements must be considered when we talk about sustainability.

“We live in an age that has come to celebrate cultural difference but what sustainability tells us, is that we equally need to celebrate what we have in common – the need of all that sustains us at the most fundamental level,” he said.

“In sound and image, this event will make it clear that we all need to break out of how we currently feel, think and act.

“Music, as one of the voices of a culture, nourishes the spirit. All cultures make music, it expresses a fundamental aspect of our being, it’s one of the things that sustain us.

Fundamental Sounds is the first of what we hope will be a new wave of culturally orientated sustainability projects.”

Fundamental Sounds
Sunday 2 December, 8pm

The Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University South Bank, Brisbane
bookings at QTIX, phone 136 246