Inkahoots has proposed a collaborative identity allowing contributors to particapate in an exhibition about Open Source design – ‘Burst Open’ – at Artisan Gallery in Brisbane Australia.

Quality design is considered as expensive and elitist; the world of the modern day designer typically exists in a bubble of isolation. Burst Open is an exhibition that takes these problems and turns them into an optimistic opportunity: How might we burst the design bubble and leverage the elite, through open source design?

Burst Open investigates the state of play for open source design and the possibilities it offers as a way to respond to social and environmental issues, and improve society as a whole.

We are asking your help to create the exhibition's visual identity with a submission in two parts. 

1) send us a typographic ‘O’ - it can be an O you've designed or found, drawn, painted, photographed (e.g., from signage etc), or used digitally. It can be plain and basic or ornate and detailed, colour or monochrome, 2D or 3D etc. 

2) send us a short statement (one or two sentences) explaining your perspective on why open source (design) is important. Please also include your name (can be a pseudonym), and your city/town.

The contributed ‘O’s will combine to make a single mark, and within a publically exhibited interactive context, reveal the contributor's information with their statement about open source.

The exhibition runs from 3 October – 20 December 2014 at Artisan, 381 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. Contributions will be accepted throughout the show so that the identity will build and evolve dynamically.

The first contributions are needed now so the identity can begin to grow. If you've got something at hand don't hesitate!

Please email your submission (max 5 MB, jpg or eps) to Jason Grant: [email protected] with "Burst Open" in subject header.

We look forward to receiving your contribution.

yours sincerely,

Christian Duell, Curator
John de Manincor, Curator
Jason Grant – Inkahoots, Designer