Several early Inkahoots posters (credited to ‘Corporate Art Terrorists’ and Robyn McDonald) are on show at the Queensland Art Gallery in the exhibition Protest: Australian Political Posters 1972 - 92. They are set among some of our favourite Australian political posters from the likes of Redback Graphix and Red Planet.

It’s always great to see these images in the flesh. Their vibrancy, humour and engagement embarrasses most contemporary visual communication. Check it out until January 2008.

From the QAG:
“This exhibition explores Australian political posters from the 1970s to the 1990s. In an international climate of disquite in the face of the continuing cold war, the Vietnam-US War and wide spread social changes, Australia’s young people took to the streets. They papered them with the urgent succinct messages of the political poster. Calls to action, these works are witty and sometimes irreverent responsive to key issues of the time in Australian politics and society. Woven into the display are posters that advertise dances and other cultural events, showing the strong sense of community that developed out of these various struggles.”