It's the final week of Hoisted, a large-scale interactive installation of giant Inkahoots-designed and user-generated flags for the native flora and fauna of Brisbane’s City Botanical Gardens. Go to our bespoke web-app ( and make your own flag dedicated to your favourite native species. Contribute to a public artwork exploring the recognition of sovereignty for the natural world.

Your flag will be projected onto a blank banner (visible after sunset) hanging amongst other flags representing each of the major groups of life in the grounds of the Gardens. They will also be collected and archived on the website.

Hoisted is in Brisbane's City Botanical Gardens 10-19 May, for Botanica - Contemporary Art Outside.

To learn more about the ideas behind Hoisted, including vexillografting, sovereignty and rights-of-nature, go here.

Inkahoots would like to thank: Curators Natasha Smith and Ineke Dane from UAP; Bella Ford from Articulated; the crew from Treescape; Stephen and Michael from Buck Outdoor AV; the BCC Botanica team and volunteers; Brisbane Botanical Gardens Curator Dale Arvidsson and team; Gabriella Wilson and Lucas Surtie for assistance with research and design; Stefan Jannides for photography.