Huge thanks to all who came to the Brisbane launch of Jason and Oliver Vodeb's new book, What is Post-Branding?: How to Counter Fundamentalist Marketplace Semiotics, at our favourite bookstore Avid Reader.

The book exposes the ideological underbelly and real world impact of branding, as well as proposing a long overdue strategic alternative. We'll feature more about the book here soon. In the meantime, pick up a copy from your local bookstore, or direct from the publisher, Set Margins'. And for a good overview, check out Steven Heller's interview with Jason and Oliver at


The book is reminiscent of Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore’s The Medium is the Massage, cautioning against a kind of mind (and soul) control… and brings some of those pre-branding, pre-digital ideas to the 21st century.’
– Steven Heller
Design historian

‘As we grapple with the concepts and tools of 21st century communications, What is Post-Branding? arrives as a key to the crisis of imagination in which it seems easier to imagine the end of nature than the fundamental system and technological changes needed to shift onto a path of real sustainability. It invites a bright future of infinite potential built on collaborative communications as an antidote to corporate competition’s bleak zero sum branding game.’
– Mike Townsley
Communications Director, Greenpeace International

‘Rarely do designers fully understand the proper social, cultural and political significance of branding. This book is the exception – it is a critical, extremely witty and creatively produced antidote to branding’s hype. It is a guide through the minefield of mass communication and identity design. In a time that is truly disorientating for both creatives and the general public, “What is Post-Branding” should be read, not just by anyone interested in the subject, but everyone who is concerned about where we are heading as a society, and about how we can stay human.’
– Jonathan Barnbrook
Barnbrook Design / VirusFonts

Photos Kevin Phillips