The first New Anthems installation is now live. Fill in the blanks and rewrite the first line of Advance Australia Fair, a national anthem badly in need of a touch up:

“Australian’s all let us______for we are young and ______”

SMS 0430 547 035 to insert your contribution...

Simply enter a word or short phrase for each LED screen separated by a comma eg. “firstword,secondword” or “short phrase,another short phrase” (filtered by dictionary).

Then go here to view your contribution along with a full list of new anthems.

A few favourites so far:

28.07.09 / 12:21PM
australians all let us ditch the queen, for we are young and she’s so elizabethan

27.07.09 / 12:13PM
australians all let us stop gunns corporation, for we are young and pilaging tasmania

24.07.09 / 01:33PM
australians all let us come the raw prawn, for we are young and ridgy-didge

23.07.09 / 06:01PM
australians all let us make a treaty, for we are young and trespassing

New Anthems runs from July 22 through to September 28 in three incarnations in the windows of The Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts, 420 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.