Trace Biennial II

The second TRACE Biennial exhibition and art auction raised significant funds for Community Plus+, and put contemporary art where we live our everyday lives. TRACE again presented some of Australia’s leading contemporary artists.

Inkahoots helped create TRACE as a kind of de-institutionalised, temporary, multi-venue public art gallery. The art is encountered in unprecedented contexts, potentially provoking new ways of seeing both the art and the neighbourhood. Visitors encountered work by Richard Bell in a mechanic's garage, Judy Watson in a shoe repair shop, Arthur Koo’ekka Pambegan Jr in a Vietnamese grocer, and Gordon Bennett in a book store. 

Our poster for this year's event collects graffiti from the neighbourhood streets that host TRACE.

Big props to the rest of the TRACE team: Marilyn Trad, Susan Ostling, Josh Milani, Amelia Gundelach, Caroline Gardam, Bec Mac, Nick Goding, Jeanette Stok, Helen Wallace, Aphrodite Nichles, Ali Cameron, Jake James; and Bhu Vidya. 

Also to Brisbane City Council for their sponsorship, and the contributing artists and their galleries: Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Heiser Gallery, and Milani Galleries.

Photos Inkahoots and Frankly Photography

Visit this year's website here.

Listen to ABC Radio National with Sarah Kanowski for Books and Arts, talking to Curator Susan Ostling and Jason, as well as some local high school students, on a TRACE walking tour in the streets of West End.

Then on 4zzz with Bec Mac talking to Josh Milani about TRACE and Gordon Bennett.