CRPT (G20)

Covert Remote Protest Transmissions (CRPT) breached the Brisbane G20 ultra high security exclusion zones. Instead of sucking up public images for the purposes of spying on protesters, our CCTVs were spitting out images of protest.

Following past G20 resistance in cities like Toronto and London, free expression and non-state sanctioned protest was banned from large tracts of Brisbane’s inner city.

This intervention consisted of a number of purpose built image projectors installed inside G20 security zones prior to the Restricted Areas taking effect. The devices were disguised as CCTV cameras and mounted in the heavily policed zones visited by the Summit’s delegates, including Obama, Putin & Cameron. The projected messages were triggered by mobile phone. Statements such as “G20: Corporate Plunder”, “G20: Business as Usual”, and many others were projected onto walls and footpaths.

Collaboration with Michael Candy.