Open Morph

Open Morph is a projected interactive animation displayed in the street-front window of Gallery Artisan as part of the Burst Open exhibition, and as a performative component of the augmented, opensource exhibition identity. It combines images and text from an international invitation to contribute a typographic ‘O’ and a statement about open source design.

With submissions from around the world, we created a morphing animation that is controlled by pedestrians' body gestures. By rotating arms and tracing the figure of an ‘O’ in the air, the submitted ‘O’ images morph forwards or backwards and can be paused by raising arms, displaying the contributors' name, location, and statement about open source design. The posture with which participants begin tracing the arc of the ‘O’ is also the semaphore symbol for ‘O’.

In this way, the exhibition identity assumes a performative and ongoing design dimension. And it's fun!

Some great contributions:

Culture is an open system. A chaotic, non-linear, aperiodic mess. Culture is a remix. Open source is a promise, rather than a product.
     Ben Henley, Brisbane

From each according to our ability, to each according to our need.
     Alina Marsi, New York

The chance for beginners to use the shoulders of giants that have gone before as the platform to make their own leap from.
     Jonathan Nalder, San Diego

Shifting the paradigm into an ecological age, where people are connected by sharing skills rather than separated by owning them.
     Ilka Blue, Brisbane

No masters. No slaves.
     Enso, Melbourne

Much appreciation to Corey Walker and Christian McKenzie for helping us make Open Morph. And of course to everyone who responded to the call-out.

Photography by John Vincent Johnsen & Marianne Henriksen