Trace Biennial I

Inkahoots has helped establish, design and name TRACE, a biennial exhibition and art auction in unexpected West End venues. It raises needed funds for Community Plus’s vital services, and puts contemporary art where we live our everyday lives. The artists in TRACE are among Australia’s most important, and many have strong connections to the area.

Visit the art in a fruit shop, book stores, a barber, a record store, a bakery, and lots of other unlikely venues along Boundary and Vulture Streets in Brisbane's West End. Then bid for the work online, with proceeds supporting the indispensable, indomitable Community Plus and their work with marginalised and vulnerable community members.

Our poster for TRACE mixes the artists' names with a cacophony of onomatopoeic street sound word-marks… untz untz untz, glop, screeech, honk, schwump schwump schwump, bringg brinng, caw caw, snapp, thrum… the sounds of people eating, drinking, driving, making music, fighting and loving in the street.

Vanghoua Anthony Vue has created installations on the venue's street fronts using industrial tapes to reimagine and recontextualise symbols and alphabets found in Hmong textile designs.

And big props to the rest of the TRACE team: Marilyn Trad, Susan Ostling, Josh Milani and Geniveive Atkinson. And especially to the generosity of the artists and their galleries: Milani Gallery, Andrew Baker, Heiser Gallery, and Phillip Bacon Galleries.

Photography by Inkahoots & Marc Grimwade.