Zodiac Sans

Zodiac Sans is an open source, display typeface Inkahoots designed especially for Greenpeace as part of their global identity guidelines.

The typeface was inspired by the distinctive forms of the inflatable boats used by Greenpeace activists ever since their 1970’s duels with Russian whaling ships.

Zodiac Sans is a rationalised contemporary condensed grotesque with geometric counters, slanted terminals and rounded corners. A Stencil version extends the font’s expressive potential.

The font builds on a number of existing open source typefaces. We invite Greenpeace supporters in the open-source and type design community to contribute to its development by extending the weights and language set. Zodiac Sans is free to use and share but is not licensed for commercial use.

Thanks to Alexander Nedelev at Typedepot in Bulgaria for help with the Cyrillic characters.

Original banner image: Sam Nerrie/Alamy Live News