Food Futures

Food Futures is a series of interactive installations developed and designed by Inkahoots exploring what we eat, why we eat it, and how our food will change in the coming decades. At the Museum of Brisbane from July 29 until October 29, 2017.

Consisting of three main parts: Food Values; Food Impacts; and Food Dialogues – the show examines our personal values relating to food, and how climate change will impact on our eating. Dig in!

In Food Values, with our Food Values Diet Determinator, a series of questions reveal what your diet really should be in relation to your core beliefs about food. Are you a pescatarian when you should be a freegan? A locavore when deep down you're a vegan. Or a carnivore, straight up? How does your actual diet compare to your abstract attitudes?

In Food Impacts, our Climate Change Food Impact Image Aggregator subverts the decontextualisation of foodstagramming. You're invited to submit a photo of your favourite food, which is displayed with others on an interactive wall, revealing the impact of climate change on the meal's key ingredients. Navigate the submitted food images with joysticks designed to suggest food vessels, and that are made from food by-products (recycled macadamia nut shells).

Photos are uploaded via a custom app (, or Instagram.

Then reflect with Food Dialogues. Leave your responses to prompts such as "What is your favourite food memory?", or "How do you think you’ll eat differently in the future?" for others to encounter, deface, or replace.

Thanks to Food Connect and local farmers, Climate Council of Australia, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne for their content contributions.

Thanks to Marc Harrison from Husque for fabricating the Food Impacts joysticks and stands (hand crafted from recycled macadamia shells). And to KT Doyle from Jeanbags for the recycled denim jeans beanbags.

Additional animation by James Gulliver Hancock and Corey Walker.

Thanks to everyone at MoB, especially Renai Grace, Alix Perry, Mellissa Western, Jamie Spiers, Frank Casablanca, Alison Ross & Phillip Manning.

Food Futures accompanies Tastes like Sunshine (from August 18 until November 12, 2017), exploring Brisbane's evolving food story through contemporary art, personal stories and historical documents, images and objects. It features new artwork and installations by artists Elizabeth Willing, Sean Rafferty and Carol McGregor.

There is also a fantastic public program that includes the unmissable Bruce Pascoe and our friends Wandering Cooks and Food Connect.

More info and images here.

Photography by Stefan Jannides.