Wandering Cooks

Wandering Cooks is an incubator for new food entrepreneurs and was conceived by food philosopher and blogger Angela Hirst as a way of building local alternatives to conventional corporate food systems.

Wandering Cooks provides business training through mentoring programs and workshops, builds local food networks, provides resources such as licensed commercial kitchens, storage space and office facilities, and showcases participants through expos, markets and online profiles.

The visual identity uses the metaphor of the process of cooking. This is the idea that cooking with different ingredients to a common recipe will result in unique dishes. So a palette of diverse patterns and textures have been developed as lines of varying lengths (ingredients) and are assembled (recipe) to form a dynamically changing family of 'W's (dishes). The lines can be used unassembled (raw ingredients) or assembled (cooked) to create unique patterns. In digital media and across print applications the ‘W’ logomark therefore constantly changes.

The visual language suggests the vibrancy, creativity and craft of cooking, it helps counter negative expectations of traditional sterile commercial kitchen environments, and evokes a supportive and welcoming culture.

Photography Stefan Jannides