I found [these] poems and essays to be haunting—wise and honest and true. I think you will, too. Even in the face of environmental destruction, these young writers manage to find inspiration in a “diminished thing.” This collection balances their sense of fear with their sense of wonder.
Elizabeth Kolbert
Winner of Pulitzer Prize 2015 for The Sixth Extinction
Writers on Earth magnifies the voices of young people across the globe and their relationship to the natural world. Through this collection of reflections, essays, stories, and poems, this generation bares its heart. From Singapore to Canada, Australia to Pakistan, the US to Japan—these young writers share their thoughts, fears, and hopes about the global environment, its future, and our place in it.
When it comes to climate change, it is the young people of today who are leading the way—galvanizing adults into taking action. The poems and stories by the young writers that fill these pages are equal parts a love letter to planet earth and a rallying cry for change. This book is for youth climate activists, educators, lovers of our beautiful planet and concerned citizens across the globe. No matter who you are, we know you’ll be inspired by what these young writers have to say.
Here’s what people are saying

The power of Writers on Earth is that it displays the critical importance of global perspectives in the environmental movement—where communicating across and about difference can be foundational in solving our most pressing issues.

Rasheena Fountain, Writer, Educator, Environmentalist and Social Justice Advocate

Scientific data present the truth about climate change, but only the arts capture the heart and soul of the crisis. This anthology channels the love, hope, fear, dread, and anxiety that drives so many of my generation to take to the streets striking to demand systemic action for a just, sustainable future. If you want to know why we strike, read this collection. Our hearts are reflected in each word and sentence.

Kallan Benson, 15, Student and Coordinator of Fridays for Future, USA

The only way to change minds and make people care about climate change is through stories and making it personal, and this anthology does just that.

Jamie Margolin, 17, Student and Founder of Zero Hour

What makes me most pleased is that my writing is in a book dedicated to the Earth and in this era of such environmental change and political polarization, I feel more empowered than ever to use my voice for change.

Ben Chipman, 19, Young Writer