Some of our young writers at the launch of the journal at The Harvard Coop Bookstore!

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“The writings of the young people contributing to this journal are a beautiful expression of the power of writing to help students find their voice, and in the process, to discover the voices of others and their common humanity with them. Write the World is an exemplary effort to help students discover themselves and others, in ways which are respectful and civil, a wonderful preparation for citizenship in a world that needs civil discourse, respect and empathy more than ever.”

Fernando M. Reimers, Ford Foundation Professor of International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“This collection of work is a campfire of sorts—around which, youth from across the world gather to share their stories. Rooted in their lived experiences, these often deeply personal and reflective pieces remind us that hope exists in the minds of young people. It is a redemptive hope, capable of reclaiming light; a hope that emanates within every young writer, in every corner of the globe. Thus, the world—what it is, and what it can be—for these young writers, is as close as a stroke of the pen.”

Donovan Livingston, Poet, Educator, and Writer

“Write the World has successfully created a unique community of young writers that all have a burning need to create, reflect, discuss, polish, and create again. This volume is filled with aspirational writing covering stolen secrets, jellyfish, chopsticks, and bubbles in ice that makes readers want to pick up a pen and join in the process. A true joy to read.”

Jack O’Keefe, High School English Teacher

“It’s refreshing and tickling to realize that Write the World actually means not only how it’s spelled, but also what it sounds like. To read such well-crafted and deeply moving contributions of young writers is to be reminded, page after page, of the power of young people’s ideas and aspirations to right the world. Young people have important, fascinating, and inspiring things to communicate—both because and in spite of what’s happening within and around them. Writing makes the world a better place for them to live and also demonstrates how they want to make the world a better place.”

Sandy Alexandre, Associate Professor of Literature, Massachusetts Institute of Technology